Quality handmade cricket bats by Vyper Cricket Ipswich

Batting gloves, batting pads and accessories


Anti-Scuff Sheet: £5.00

  • Clear anti scuff sheet with fibreglass tape edges.

Grips: £2.50 Each

  • High quality snake scale grips. Available in black and white.

Knocking In Service: £15.00 

  • All Vyper cricket bats are pressed to perfection. but we still recommend a good 3-4 hours of knocking in to give the bat the best chance to perform at its peak. 
  • So why not let us take care of this for you? For just £15.00 we will knock in your new Vyper bat by hand the old fashioned way! We will also oil the bat, and if it doesn’t already have one of our clear anti scuff sheets we will add one for an additional £ 5.00. For more information about knocking in and bat care check out our bat care guide.

Knocking in service by Vyper Cricket

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